MTI software

MTI software® achieves maximum performance of IT infrastructures by using a real-time data preventive and predictive maintenance system.

Smart Analytic System

The analytics generated by MTI software® help organizations to carry out actions to achieve the maximum performance of the IT infrastructure according to available resources.


Preventive Maintenance

Configure your preventive maintenance tasks by date.

Repair Maintenance

Effective manage breakdowns or unexpected issues that occur with your assets.

History Recording

A detailed maintenance history helps decrease downtime and provides vital statistics.



Keep on top of what needs to be done with automated preventive maintenance.


Work orders

Generate work orders based on preventive maintenance. Monitor your work orders completion status.


Detailed reports of the main aspects of the IT infrastructure.

Key benefits

•  Increase Productivity and Efficiency

•  Continuity of Operation

•  Fast Implementation

•  Anticipating Failtures

•  Analytics of your Infrastructure

•  Security and Control of Information

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